First Blog for My First Old Dog


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To begin, I should share that I have never written a blog.  Quite frankly, I have no idea how to begin.

I have a vision for the Teton Excursions blog.  That it is:

  • relevant to the outdoors and wildlife in the Rocky Mountains
  • a fun way to share life in Western Wyoming
  • an outlet for my unspoken need to write

Yet I cannot overcome the sadness of this week and I feel that I should begin by sharing a little about the source of that feeling.

On Monday of this past week, Aaron and I took our dog Wolfie to the local veterinarian.  She had not been strong for three weeks and over the weekend was struggling to stand on her sweet four feet.  The vet told us that she had Hepatitis and that it was most likely a sign of her body’s systems shutting down.

We rescued Wolfie while we were working in Hawaii seven years ago.  At the time, we guessed her to be about four years old, but we had no way of knowing her true age.

That math brings her to the clinic in Wyoming at about eleven years old.  Aaron and I had to face the sad fact that she had aged out of our lives.   We decided to help her out of her pain that same day and have been attempting to cope with the loss since.

She was my first dog to get old on me and to teach me to slow down and sniff.

She was an incredible traveling companion.  When we returned to Alaska to guide, she eagerly settled into her square of space in our Geo Tracker for the 3,143 mile journey.  We waded through a handful of astounded people to collect her in the Seattle airport as she lay smiling in the baggage area after her flight from Hawaii.

She loved other animals and life.  We will always have on video her first romp through snow.

Wolfie’s first snow on Youtube

Wolfie was mainly a Samoyed.  Sammies are from Siberia, where they lived with humans for thousands of years.  Traditionally, they fished to support themselves and their people.  We also have footage from the first time that Wolfie fished for salmon in Valdez, Alaska.


We had so many glittering moments together.  She loved Wyoming.  I will always be thankful that we enjoyed so much of her last summer in the mountains.

Goodbye dear friend.  I promise to keep alive your sweetness, loyalty and spirit for life.


🌲 Emily

2 Comments on “First Blog for My First Old Dog

  1. Simply Beautiful words couldn’t say anything better you brought tears to my eyes I miss you more everyday thank you for sharing it’s just amazing how much you guys have such love for this beautiful state Wyoming that you live in best of luck on your new website and job love you always.

    • Thanks Erica! I still miss her every day…and I thought it would be cliche to say that!

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