Treat yourself! Hire a guide for your family’s Grand Teton tour


Vacations are so stressful.  Packing, transportation schedules, airport security, flight delays, hotel bookings…there are so many things that have to sync just to arrive at your destination.  This catalog makes me think of another thing to add to the list.  

(Rant warning) Did you know of airport security’s new fascination with your personal snack items? 

I recently was invited to attend an educational institute and I had an amazing time in Fayetteville at the University of Arkansas.  It was so nice to have time to share ideas with other teachers and generate new activities for the classroom.  

My travel there?  No issues whatsoever.  My total flight time was only a little over three hours and outside of an insanely early departure from Wyoming, a long layover in Denver, and trouble with the destination location (my apologies, shuttle driver), my jaunt down to The Natural State went smoothly.   

The way back?  Not only did I receive a full body pat-down, I was also asked to remove all food items in my carry on luggage for easy X-raying.  Since I was unaware that granola bars and crackers would be a concern, they were stashed throughout my bags.  I think I was most shocked by putting my fresh fruit in the same plastic bins that hold shoes.   


While I was putting my sneakers back on and re-stashing my snacks, a woman with dark hair made eye contact with me and smiled.  I returned her kind expression, thanking her for the encouragement, but inside I was still struggling to quiet my mind. 

Then I noticed that she had two young children with her and seeing how she led them with kindness dissolved my stress immediately.  It took me, in my mind, to the Nenana River in Alaska, on a raft full of clients. 

Whenever I would feel anxious coming around a bend and looking into the curl of a rapid, I would sit up straight and slightly smile.  It was my way of communicating to my guests that although the experience we were in was dangerous, we were going to have A LOT of fun.  Relax and trust your guide!  

Emily Rafting 2006
Emily on the Nenana River, Alaska in the summer of 2006

Aaron and I take so much pleasure in being guides, helping people overcome their worries.  At Teton Excursions, we can guarantee that we will do whatever we can to make your trip less stressful.  We know that you are ready for someone else to take control of the logistics and plan for a day.  

It is important to us that we reduce some of the stress of a trip.  National Parks can be hectic and I often equate visiting them to traveling in a foreign country.  It is difficult to know just which stop to make, how to plan your time in a day, and how much food to pack.  A guided tour with us will take care of all that.  

Some of the benefits to hiring Teton Excursions for your Grand Teton tour:

  • Flexible scheduling (we can customize your trip times on private tours)
  • Kids learn the history and geology from a naturalist in the field
  • Hotel pickup and drop off
  • Binoculars and spotting scope to get up close to those animals
  • Roomy, tall van
  • Food is taken care of 
  • The stops and schedule of the trip can be adapted to your family’s needs

Let us take a whole day of planning off of your list of duties.  Treat yourself and make sure that you take time to enjoy the scenery that you all came for.  


If you have special needs or considerations, please let us know.  We are flexible (we take advice from the river) and look forward to serving you and your family.  


🌲 Emily




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