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Top five things to know about Jackson Hole

  1. Teton Village is 12 miles away from the center of Jackson. Because of the Village’s location and the commuters going over the pass to Idaho, this road is often backed up and can take 40 minutes to get from town to your hotel at Teton Village.
  2. Make your dinner reservations as far in advance as possible before you arrive. Many local restaurants have menus and take reservations online.
  3. Most activities sell out between June 20 and August 20. Book activities during this timeframe as early as possible.
  4. Jackson is a taxi town. That really applies to everything-going to the grocery store, getting a cab from the airport, or visiting local attractions. The fares from the airport are regulated by the town of Jackson to keep everything fair to the traveler. Especially if you stay in town, not renting a car is completely feasible.
  5. Jackson Hole is the name of the area (region), Jackson is the name of the town.